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Why choose Suzhou Innovation Academy

Suzhou is about 75 km west of Shanghai, it is on the main Shanghai-Beijing train line; the high-speed train takes only 22 minutes to reach Shanghai. There is a good cultural life, some of it with an international flavour, and sport is also prominent in the city.

Suzhou Innovation Academy is a creative, future-focused IB World School, situated in Suzhou one of the most innovative and beautiful cities in China. We aim to ensure dynamic, engaging, insightful, and fulfilling learning experiences owned and driven by learners.

Suzhou Innovation Academy is also setting out to challenge perceptions of education. Even more important is the impact of the SIA experience in helping students to flourish today and tomorrow by understanding the nature of the world’s challenges and developing problem-solving skills to find solutions in innovative ways.

Suzhou Innovation Academy will offer a very competitive salary and benefits for international staff. The package of benefits will include medical insurance, annual return flights home, school fee support, relocation support, and accommodation support.