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Who we are

Leading with innovation

Leading with Innovation

Suzhou Innovation Academy is transforming education.

Designed to be different, our goal is for learners to flourish and be inspired to make a difference.

We believe in working together with curiosity to explore our understanding of the world around us.

For us, innovation is about improvement and the creative process of learning through problem solving to find new and progressive solutions. We believe this is when true learning happens and also ignites within us joy, purpose and meaning.

Furthermore, innovation requires students to question, to drive positive change and to make learning happen everywhere by stimulating their curiosity and imagination.

At Suzhou Innovation Academy, academic success is just the beginning.

Students will advance their talents through a lens of intercultural understanding and respect for individuals, communities, and for the planet.

Our school community celebrates diversity where all participants are on their own course to making a difference in the world.

Suzhou Innovation Academy is committed to innovative learning that stimulates students' imagination and spirit of exploration.

Our concept includes:

a collaborative, inquiry and project-based approach to learning

a focus on maximizing human well-being around issues that have deep interest to learners and real value to the community

fostering the enduring competencies of creativity, imagination, resilience and empathy

amplifying learning experiences owned and driven by learners