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Who we are

How we started

The beginning of our story

Our founders and head of school

Suzhou Innovation Academy was established and authorised as an IB World School in 2019.

The board and leadership of Suzhou Innovation Academy recognised the opportunity for a world-leading school that can support the Suzhou government’s innovation aspirations.

Our name was conceived to reflect the school’s ethos and to set a direction for its future, with innovation at the forefront of our vision.

Together, the founders and head of school are boldly aiming that the Suzhou Innovation Academy become one of the most innovative schools.

From the outset, the owner and founder had an ambition for a three-year, residential IB school that reaches the highest international standards and develops principled and entrepreneurial young people who are internationally-minded, interculturally-aware, and with the skills and commitment to become changemakers in the world.