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Living on campus

Living on campus


Suzhou Innovation Academy’s campus is a unique and intimate space located on the grounds of the Suzhou International Foreign Language School, a nationally renowned K-12 private school located on Yangcheng Lake, Jiangsu Province.


Students can access the best of both worlds with the feeling of privacy and community supported by our exclusive campus, and access to the world-class facilities of Suzhou International Foreign Language School.


At Suzhou Innovation Academy, learning spaces and common areas surround a glass-roofed atrium that floods the campus with natural light. Our students can access our recreation areas, gym, library, student lounge, student collaboration stations, and innovation lab. In addition, they can step out of our campus and into the grounds of the larger school for access to sports grounds, basketball courts, gardens, and green spaces.


The Suzhou Innovation Academy campus gives our students a feeling of sanctuary and support with its welcoming and personal atmosphere.