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Who we are

Guiding principles

A school for the imagination

Suzhou Innovation Academy

Suzhou Innovation Academy is a creative, future-focused IB World School designed to spark the imagination and evoke wonder. We empower learners to move with optimism beyond the school and into a new future.

Attending Suzhou Innovation Academy will open doors with an exceptional and revolutionary IB education that is recognised by universities around the world.

Educational principles

Suzhou Innovation Academy believes in excellence in all that we do. And for our school community to achieve its goals, we are guided by a set of educational principles.

These ensure a cohesive effort is maintained for our leaders, teachers, students and administrators and to give us a collective view of what we believe in, and what we expect from our efforts.

Our guidelines direct us, and bind together our shared determination to be an excellent school, delivering exceptional outcomes.


We believe in

Working together to create engaging, relevant and joyful learning experience for all learners

Empowering learners with agency and purpose to become change-makers for a sustainable future built on the well-being of individuals, communities and the planet

The ideals of internationalism and embracing the diverse and unique talents of every learner in a caring, inclusive and supportive environment

Innovation and learning that ignites curiosity and imagination of learners to discover their passion and learn with optimism and wonder


From these, we expect the following impacts

A flourishing community with engaged and compassionate learners 

Learners who are creative, confident, and critical thinkers. Life-long, self-directed learners who are collaborative and resilient 

Learners who discover their passions and develop their unique talents

Excellent Chinese citizens with international mindedness

Learners to become positive change-makers who take action to shape a sustainable future


Our graduates will be lifelong, agile learners who can adapt to change