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Who we are

A school for the imagination

Suzhou Innovation Academy

Suzhou Innovation Academy is reimagining education.

Designed to be different, our goal is for students to flourish and be inspired to make a difference.

We believe in working together with curiosity to explore our understanding of the world around us.

For us, innovation is about improvement and the creative process of learning through problem-solving to find new and progressive solutions. We believe this is when true learning happens and also ignites within us joy, purpose and meaning.

At Suzhou Innovation Academy, academic success is just the beginning.

Students will advance their talents through a lens of intercultural understanding and respect for individuals, communities, and for the planet.

Our school community celebrates diversity where all participants are on their own course to making a difference in the world.

We are committed to innovative learning that is engaging, relevant, joyful and impactful.

Suzhou Innovation Academy is a creative, future-focused IB World School designed to spark the imagination and evoke wonder. We empower learners to move with optimism beyond the school and into a new future.

Attending Suzhou Innovation Academy will open doors with an exceptional and revolutionary IB education that is recognised by universities around the world.


Welcome to Suzhou Innovation Academy

It is with much pleasure that I introduce you to Suzhou Innovation Academy.

Here we are inspiring learners to become architects of their future. We are a school that celebrates diversity and all participants are on their own course to making a difference in the world.

In selecting an IB World School, you are initiating the opportunity to grow and develop skills and knowledge that you never thought possible and set off a wonderful journey of curiosity and life-long learning.

At Suzhou Innovation Academy, we encourage our students to look outward with wonder and discover more about themselves through their experiences with other people and cultures. In gaining such perspectives, our learners will absorb the importance of service to others, and be inspired to make a difference for a better world.

It has been predicted that the 21st century will experience as much progress and change as has happened in the past 20,000 years. This kind of progress is astonishing and for that reason, Suzhou Innovation Academy is transforming education. 

Our school is a space where learning is geared toward a future world, a world with new challenges and also hope, and one where problem-solving and innovation will pave the way for our students to effect true and lasting impact. Our graduates will require agility, adaptability, empathy and trans-disciplinary skills to succeed.

Suzhou Innovation Academy’s focus is threefold; excellence in learning, for our students to flourish in a personalised learning experience, and to make an impact.

Attending Suzhou Innovation Academy will open doors with an exceptional IB education that is recognised by leading universities around the world.

I look forward to welcoming you to Suzhou Innovation Academy.